detecting open loop disconnect


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detecting open loop disconnect

  • Hi,

    Our IVR is connected to the switch, that signals disconnection using "open loop disconnect" method. Also known as "CPC: calling party control". IVR uses Diva analog with US/Canada country settings. I wonder, if the board may be setup or changes inside the IVR program can be made, to let the signal be detected.

    Thanks for any direction


  • Hi Jarek, the Diva Analog does support loop disconnect. Perhaps the switch loop disonnect is too short to be detected so might be worth checking to see if they can increase the duration. ?

    There a no user-configurable parameters in the board or SDK that can affect this so if increasing the switch disconnect time does not help then it would be best to speak to supoprt as they will need to run some audio tap traces to see what the disconnect looks like and assess whether we can detect this.

  • Hi John, thanks for your reply. The loop disconnect duration is 800 ms. Switch people just checked it again and confirmed. What time would be apropriate for diva?


  • Mantool_and_Mlog.zip

    we support 64ms to 1408 ms so 800 should be fine.

    Can you first verify the version of drivers you are using please, we have just released 8.5.8 but if you have anything older than 8.5.6 then please upgrade first and try again as we made some disconnect changes in 8.5.6.

    If you are using 8.5.6 or newer then unzip the attached files and in a command prompt run this

    mantool -w"Debug\L1DbgMask=881"

    then run mlog -w30000 -l2200 -*ffffffff -$ffffffff

    Both these commands are case sensitive, -l2200 is lower-case L.

    Press a for all adapters.

    You will see some events counting up.

    Then make a call and get the switch to disconnect it.

    When the switch has disconnected go to the command prompt window and press q to stop the trace.

    You will see one or more files called mlog.n where n = 0, 1 2, 3 etc.

    Please zip up all the non-zero length files and attach them here so we can analyse the disconnect events.

    If you need to practise to get a clean trace then just delete all the mlog.n files and start again, it would be good to have just one call and disconenct in the trace.

  • Thanks,

    i dont think we have an old driver. The newest driver was downloaded while installing, at the beginning of march. But I will check anyway.

    If version is 8.5.6, i will proceed with the zip. Thank you again.



  • 8182.mlog0.zip

    Hi, i have attached the mlog trace file. Only one call was placed. But this time, the driver detected disconnection quite well. It signaled disconnecting event about 5 seconds after the remote party has disconnected. This is good result. If you can, just view the log and confirm, that disconnection event is fired after detection of open loop event from switch.

    We are using 8.5.7 driver.



  • Engineering had a look at the trace and confirm that we see a 800ms gap in the loop current which the Diva Analog detects as a disconnect. So it seems that everything is working ok, If you can catch a failure whilst the trace is running then please let me know and we can have another look at it.

  • Thank you, 

    now it seems to work well. Probably i saw an exceptional case. You know, unfortunately the IVR script allows an about 180 s period of silence. When it waits for a right person to speak to. So i had to make longer the timeout for setting: disconnect on silence (US/Canada). I was aftrad, when i heard there is no busy tone on disconnection, that IVR will be unable to detect remote hangup. But fortunately this CPC works fine.