PIMG and Centrex - internal calls fail


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PIMG and Centrex - internal calls fail

  • trace (4).log

    We are using a 80LS and a Lucent 3A Translator to connect via serial SMDI to a Centerx CO switch.

    VM system -- SIP -- PIMG -- 3A Translator -- Serial to CO SW

    If a caller calls from outside the Centrex switch, the call proceeds and you are connected to the voicemail system. In the attached trace the external called cpid is 8605551234, starts on line 40, and you can see the call proceed through the route tables, then the SIP invite to the VM system You can then see in the SIP messages normal call processing

    However when a user from within the Centerx calls, the caller gets dead air, and is then disconnected. The attached trace's second call is an example, cpid 8606661234 and starts on line 553.

     In this trace the successful call comes in port 1, and the failed on port 2, but we have tested many, many times, and the inbound port does not make a difference.

    I will also attach the exported ini, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


  • It looks like the second call is not actually picked up. There is no switch from idle to ringing, here's the good case:

    093:20.150 [Tel-1     ] Code     eALGFXO_EVENT_RING in eALGFXO_STATE_IDLE

    In the bad case there is a timeout after 3 seconds instead:

    093:36.542 [SiIp      ] Code     _TaskMainServerReceive(1) receive timeout, sending keep-alive #1

    The only difference I see before that is the type of CPID reported.

    Call 1:

    093:19.948 [Si        ] Code     SI_TYPE_CPID 1:Direct (8604270906->->)

    Call 2:

    093:33.690 [Si        ] Code     SI_TYPE_CPID 2:Direct (8604868560->->)

    Diff your two config files and find the difference in CPID rules, for starters.