At the moment we have a Dialogic DIVA BRI-2 PCI card in our VMware server.

We have this card in pass-through configured and allocated to a Windows 8 PC. (Screenshot below)


We now want to expand this and deploy 3 new Windows pc’s, each with their own BRI.

We don’t have 3 additional free PCI expansion slots and wonder if we could buy a 4BRI-8 board for this purpose.

Does this board show as 4 separate BRI PCIe cards in VmWare?


This is necessary as we can only allocate 1 PCI to 1 virtual machine.

For example in the screenshot below you can see that the motherboard has 4 network connections and each one shows as separate device. This allows us to assign each machine its own interface.

I hope someone can answer this question as the expansion is quite urgent to us.