Some very good feedback from ISVs using our new Diva Server SDK 4.0 this week.

The most commented upon change in the Component API is the addition of extended Call Properties. This allows access to all the call properties from the Diva Server API, so now you can choose to use whichever programming environment suits you as there are no features missing when using the Component API. The numerous new samples are going down well too - particularly the new set of C# and VB.NET ones.

This week I attended a presentation from Microsoft’s Unified Communications Group, who are responsible for all the collaboration tools from Microsoft, including Sharepoint, Live Communications Server, Office Communicator and Exchange Server. It was a very interesting break from the coalface, and I particularly enjoyed the presentation by their keynote speaker, Carsten Sorensen. Dr Sorensen is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at the London School of Economics (LSE), and has many interesting insights on the future of work, and how many applications and tools (like LCS) are changing the way that we can work together in virtual teams. He’s also a very entertaining speaker, I would recommend going to one of his talks if you get a chance, and he also has a website, where some of his articles can be found:

Carsten had many great anecdotes, but one I particularly enjoyed was about the way that designers and practical implementation engineers often have difficulty working together, as they have different goals and often don’t appreciate each others’ problems. In a boiler company, the designers had created a boiler design of great elegance that was completely impractical to actually build and sell. It would require the final weld to be made from the inside, leaving the welder trapped inside. This is dubbed the “one man boiler”, since every boiler would have to ship with a man inside.