In the next few days a new podcast (number 3) will be out, this time on the subject of Speech Servers. I won't spoil it by telling you all that's in the show, but one thing I did want to mention was Diva Server SIP Control.

This is a product that we created to allow SIP-based application servers to control the telephony resources on our E1/T1, ISDN and analog boards. You can think of this as a SIP to PSTN gateway, but also interestingly from a developer point of view it is a telephony hardware platform with a programming API, only that API happens to be SIP. Anyway, TMC Labs agreed with us that this is a great idea, and they have given the product a 2006 Innovation Award (see the press release ).

We'll be talking a lot more about this product in the future, since it is also the basis of how Microsoft Unified Communications products control and interact with our telephony products.