Great to see the public announcement from Jeff Raikes (President of Microsoft Business Division) at their UC strategy event in San Francisco on Tuesday.

We’ve been working very closely with them helping to make Diva Server a really well integrated enabling technology for their UC vision and were very pleased to be announced at the event as one of their key infrastructure partners in Unified Communications. It seems to me this is where SIP really starts to go mainstream. When we look back at this announcement, I suspect we’ll see it as the time when both the issues and the opportunities around SIP finally started to be seen as obvious and simple to execute. Microsoft’s in an ideal position to remove complexity and yet have really rich functionality in real-time and messaging communications. Our part of this puzzle has been to partner with them to make sure Diva Server fits perfectly into their scheme to provide SIP gateways with great manageability, common security mechanisms, faster feature development, strong legacy integration and superior scalability.

Watch this space – Microsoft is really going to fly with this wave of products.