Microsoft have released VB 2005 as a free express edition. This version has nothing missing and it gives easy access to the Diva Server Component API and everything that the .Net Framework has to offer. The Intellisense features in Visual Studio 2005 work very well (including working seamlessly with 3rd-party components like the Diva Server Component API) and really do make programming easier. The move to .Net as a platform is very strong now: the data-access and web-services capabilities inherent in the .Net Framework make it a very attractive development platform for our customers and they are taking it up.

The Component API with VB.Net (2003 or 2005) provides a fully-scalable solution, right up to 30, 60, 90 or 120 telephony or fax channels. With SDK 4.0, the available functionality is now on the same level as the C/C++ API, with the exception of passive monitoring (call tapping API). For example, prior to SDK 4.0, the VB.Net API was lacking features needed in a lot of real-life IVR and call centre applications, forcing some users to switch to C or C++ instead. Now, VB has the full multi-call conferencing facilities available (including conference properties like control of Talk/Listen or Listen-only modes) and also has full support for internal call transfers (i.e. trombone, hairpin) or external (ECT, supervised, deflection).