We see increasing interest in using our SDK with C#. This is obviously part of a bigger industry trend, since the Blog at O'Reilly recently reported that sales of Java books were down 10%, and C# books up 49%.

To serve C# users better, we've created a new C# start page, with the links to online training, samples, and documentation.

One point that's worth stressing about C#, is that there is a choice of APIs to use. This has caused some confusion with customers I spoke to recently. When we started out with the SDK things were very simple: customers with C/C++ had to use the "C" (DSAPI) API, and VB/VB.Net/VB Script users had to use the component (COM) API.

C# blurs the boundaries, because generally everything you can do from VB.NET, you can also do from C#. However, many developers consider C# to be more in the C++ family in terms of expressiveness and access to APIs. So depending on which developer you talk to, they might expect to go either the COM or the C++ route.

Now with our SDK, you have a choice. To use C# with the COM/.NET APIs, simply include a reference to the DivaSDK.DLL. This gives all the normal features you expect, like support for Intellisense.

For the C/C++ route, we have created a new framework called DivaServer.dll (to be found in the BIN directory of the SDK). Add a reference to this, and you get access to the full functionality of the C/C++ API. Some ready made samples using this framework(e.g. BatchFax) exist on the C# start page.