The exciting news of the week is that Dialogic is to become part of Eicon Networks, so all the familiar products like telephony boards and Host Media Processing software, will become Eicon products, and Eicon will have an unrivalled market share in this sector. It's too soon to really say exactly what this means for the future of the family of APIs and developer tools, but both companies have fantastic portfolios of products, and bringing them together under one roof is going to make great things possible.

I've been out this week with partners and Eicon's sales people, and everyone is really excited about this. There are many journalists that have written in recent months about Dialogic being 'on the market', and this has caused some uncertainty.
One large Dialogic user told me that the landscape had changed completely, as the uncertainty is over, and he doesn't even have to choose which supplier to go with anymore, since all the technology he uses is under the same roof.

There are exciting times ahead.