I recently stumbled upon an online archive of the writings of E.W.Dijkstra. If you studied computing at university, then his name is probably already familiar. His writings are famous (and somtimes infamous) to computer scientists everywhere; he famously criticised the use of BASIC and FORTRAN, and railed against the use of goto in programs. His paper The Goto Statement Considered Harmful, is possibly his most famous piece of writing, and derivatives of the title ( X considered harmful ) are often seen still today. Dijkstra was a brilliant computer scientist and mathematician, highly opinionated, but at the same time wrote with great humility and humour.

Take a look at at his archive, I've been reading through and re-familiarising myself with his work. One quote that I remember reading twenty years back:

We are all shaped by the tools we use, in particular: the formalisms we use shape our thinking habits, for better or for worse, and that means that we have to be careful in the choice of what we learn and teach, for unlearning is not really possible.