Yesterday I was in London for IP'06, which turned out to be a useful and diverse event. I spent some time with some people from the Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) team, and a whole brace of PBX vendors (Nortel, Siemens, Mitel) were there showing their integration between Office Communicator/Microsoft Office Communications Server and VoIP PBX products. Tom Cross (of Internet Security Solutions) was there presenting on VoIP security, which was a great roundup of threats in the enterprise. I also managed to spend some time with some of the Asterisk community, and I think some of these integration products will be keeping us on our toes in Dialogic. It was also great to meet some guys from, which is a service we sometimes use in the office for testing HMP scenarios for customers. IP-06 continues today, could be useful to drop in if you're in the London area.