As you'll see if you click over to the Diva Server SDK forum, we have announced the beta for a product called Diva Server SIPcontrol. The purpose of this beta is to allow customers with applications developed to HMP (i.e. GlobalCall apps) to run with the Diva Server adapters, specifically the ISDN BRI board. This allows those apps to address the BRI market that is strong in Europe, and where no suitable BRI platform exists in the former Intel hardware product ranges.

Interestingly, the work on this product started some months back as a co-operation between Eicon and Intel, but events overtook it, and it ends up being an entirely "in-house" product in the new Dialogic. Anyway, if you are already up and running with voice and fax apps for HMP, this might interest you to reach another part of the market with European TDM customers.