This week a company called Sharedband launched in the UK, and their proposition is to allow multiple broadband connections to be multiplexed together to give a bigger Internet pipe.  There's a slight feeling of deja vu about this (and I don't think it's because they just made changes in The Matrix) as it only seems a relative blink of an eye ago that people were talking about 'bonding' ISDN connections together.

I imagine that some applications (VoIP PBX? Video?) might benefit from more upstream bandwidth, since ADSL connections tend to have only 10% of the bandwidth 'up' than they they do 'down'. A lot of the American market news talks now about video-on-demand and IPTV, but as far as I can see the technology is waiting for an idea. At least in the UK we have a lot of choice now in how TV is delivered to our homes: cable, freeview, satellite, terestrial.  I can't really see that Celebrity Big Brother needs any more delivery mechanisms, since the audience keeps going down.

So perhaps this is a coda to Dwight's post, do we actually need more bandwidth? YouTube works fine already, and my softphones give me VoIP mobility.  Is there a killer app?