The other day Jack, one of our senior application specialists, gave a talk on CSF, the Communications Services Framework, one of our best kept secrets for developers. CSF is a framework, written in C++ and available in source code, that you can use as the basis of a multithreaded, decoupled and highly scaleable telecomms application. CSF has been under development for several years and is now quite sophisticated in design and also in the integration of external components like the Vovida SIP stack. CSF comes with sample apps to get you going, for example a conference server or a telephony server.

If you’re about to embark on a new development using our TDM or HMP technology, this could be a great starting point for your service. It’s also an open-source project living at Sourceforge, so if you want to extend it and in turn publish your work to he open source community, then you can do this too.