Some personal highlights: Spinvox operate a service that will record voicemails & using speech recognition technology automatically translate them to text so you can read them as SMS. Very convenient, and does seem to work well. NEC were showing their VoIP SEAL solution that combats voice SPAM (SPIT) to protect PBX users from unwanted marketing messages and denial of service actvity. Coding Technologies were talking about aacPlus, a codec to make music sound much better when played over a limited bandwidth link like a mobile phone. They gave out a nice app on a CD-ROM so that you can compare aacPlus with aac (used by the iPod), wma (from Microsoft) and MP3 at various bitrates. Listening to the pop sample at 20kbps the effects were quite impressive: aacPlus was head and shoulders above the rest, with aac sounding ok, but quite low-pass filtered. The wma version sounded smeary (as low bandwidth digital audio often does) and with a lot of clattering in the percussion, and mp3 sounded, well just like AM radio. There was a lot going on in terms of spectacle too, with people in orange suits and makeup moving about the halls very, very slowly, giving out coffee cups and inviting visitors to the Cortado stand. The LogicaCMG stand had women painted in yellow and black body paint: and I though LogicaCMG was such a conservative company? One stand had an acrobat who could get his entire body through a coathanger; not pretty sight. SonyEricsson had hired a fleet of Segways so that people could glide about outside giving out leaflets.

Very tiring, queues everywhere, the airline lost my luggage, but as always a pleasure to be in Barcelona, and a very interesting show.