In Buffalo (New York) this week I attended the Advanced Gateway course about the Dialogic Media Gateways, led by Ray Cassick who is often to be seen here on the forums answering people's questions.  It was great to meet some of the customers that use our gateway products, and the specific focus was on Microsoft, and how to use the gateways to connect Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) and Exchange 12 to the PSTN via legacy PBX systems.  We have a wide range of gateways now that can tackle a whole range of PBX/PSTN to SIP (VoIP) conversion tasks, so if you are looking to SIP enable some existing app or system then they could be worth a look.

This was my first trip to the Buffalo office, so it was also great to meet the people there and to see the PBX lab, which contains over 100 different switches.  The people there have an encyclopedic knowledge of PBX functionality and history, and it may interest you to know that the lab is a facility available to our customers for testing, as part of the Dialogic Pro Services programme.