A colleague reminded me today that we sometimes talk in code when we make presentations about our products. It's all to easy to fall into speaking jargon, as we do this all day to our colleagues, it's a valuable shorthand that saves time. However it can be puzzling for customers and partners who are not with us all the time.

So here's the first in what I hope will not be a long series of jargon busters:
Blade = Board = Adapter = Card. These are the various names we use to describe our telephony boards, be they DM3, JCT or Diva.
Thin Blade = DNI series board. This is a special name we have for the DNI boards that work with HMP. When hybrid IP/conventional telephony solutions need to be built, the thin blade is our strategic answer.

Any other terms puzzling you? Drop us a line. No questions about quantum physics, though, otherwise I'll have to get Dwight to answer.