You might have noticed some changes here at the Developer Resource Centre. In the last few weeks we've been working hard to get all of the former Eicon and former Intel sites merged together in the new Dialogic support site. If you're connecting via the 'Eicon' URL, you should ow switch over to the new Dialogic one:

The old Eicon site will now be phased out, as will Dialogic-specific pages on the Intel site.

We've also added RSS feeds to all of the forums, so if you use a blog reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, you can now add our feeds there and be sure that you always get the latest updates without having to search for what's new. The latest browsers support RSS directly, so you can also drop the feed URLs there to stay up-to-date.

You'll see that there is also a Services & Support News forum, with its own RSS feed, and you can subscribe there for the latest news on software updates and information on new documentation and app notes.

Finally, you'll see that the DRC landing page has been redesigned, giving quicker access to a variety of information on Signalling, GlobalCall and Diva, including sample code, app notes, FAQs and training.

We hope you enjoy the new site.