A lot of interesting sessions in Stockholm last week: I enjoyed the panel session of the proliferation of codecs, where experts from companies like GIPS and SPIRIT DSP spoke about the problems of the huge expansion in the number of video codecs in use. It was also very interesting to learn about P2P SIP from some of the giants of the industry including Henry Sinnreich of Adobe. It was good to hear some of the argument and counter-argument between the enthusiasts for P2P SIP and those for the IP Multimedia Subsystem.

There were a fair spread of companies bringing together the values of the Internet with the telco business. I enjoyed speaking to Truphone & Fring, both in the mobile VoIP business; Roam4free in the travel SIM business, and also with an interesting line in free calls via Iowa and Minnesota based call termination; Raketu trying to bring together all of the ideas from Skype, YouTube, IM, Jajah and Joost all into the same package.

My own "Real Risks of VoIP Security" panel was well-attended, and the panellists gave great value: Cullen Jennings (of Cisco and the IETF), Ari Takanen (Codenomicon) and Akif Arsoy (Verisign). What's the biggest risk in VoIP Security? "Not switching on the security in the first place", they say.