Apparently it's the most desirable geek device in telephony. Stephen Fry recently started his own blog, and in the first entry he talks about his iPhone (and other phones). Every day there's a new story about it, mostly about how to unock the things from the dead hand of AT&T Wireless. Yesterday, Apple warned that unlocked phones might break permanently if future iTunes updates are installed. Until recently the iPhone was only available in the US, so other than the rich and fortunate like Stephen Fry (green carded and house-owning in the US) the AT&T option hasn't been available for Euro-geeks, hence the mania for unlocking. I saw two iPhones in London the first week they were released, but I can personally vouch for the elite geek status of the two people that had them. Last week saw the European iPhone launches (UK, Germany, France), so now at least Europeans can get their hands on the acme of geek desire without having to unlock it, albeit for the eye-watering £269 pricetag plus 18 months at £30 for the contract. I think I'll stick with my Treo.