One of our speakers at the Salzburg One Event today was Rudolf Bitzinger, CTO of Siemens Enterprise Communications, and his vision of what life will be like in the future "connected corporation" is so interesting I'd like to share it with you: "Skype for the enterprise, but in a standard way". In other words, users should be able to connect their phone from wherever they are, and it will work on the same number, without any reconfiguration, enrollment or rewiring. Of course Skype is a proprietary system, but the real future of VoIP, IM and presence is SIP. Making Skype work from mobiles is challenging, and this is in part due to the proprietary way they have chosen to implement it, but in future SIP will reach our mobile handsets too, and in fact for some lucky individuals this is a reality today. If you are using a Nokia 'E' or 'N' handset, you might already be enjoying this capability.