We run a pretty loose ship here in terms of who gets to log on and ask questions on our forums, but sometimes it would be nice to know more about who you are, and what you're interested in at Dialogic.  So I'd like to encourage you all to spend a few minutes updating your profile, to tell us more about yourself.  The Control Panel tab at the top right will take you there.

I understand that some of you do not want to reveal your email address to the world in general.  If so, please fill in the field, but click off the box is your e-mail publicly viewable.  In this way, the forum admins here will be able to quickly find you email address if they want to address you directly, but the world in general will just see a blank. 

I would also encourage you to use your main work email, rather than generic email address like gmail.com, yahoo.co.uk and web.de.  We don't want to spam you, but it's useful for us to be able to see at a glance the types of companies we are dealing with, and it also helps our technical people to spot issues that may also be registered on our tech support database.  It also helps us to spot people that we are working with in the field, so that we can make sure that we can bring together all the conversations you are having with people in Dialogic.  It just helps us to serve you better.