Google this week released their web browser, called Chrome, so another chapter has opened in the browser wars. Microsoft of course have been dominant for some years with Internet Explorer , but in the last few years [url=]Mozilla Firefox[/url] has built a very large user base, and I’m sure has inspired Microsoft to make their IE even better. Apple introduced [url=]Safari[/url], which is now common to the Mac, PC and even iPhone, and that browser too has its converts. [url=]Opera[/url] have created some nice and fast browsers for desktop and for mobile handsets.

Now Chrome too? Did we need another choice? Pundits have noted that since Google already had to build a browser for their Android phone operating system, that they already had a foot on the ladder. However, Android is an exercise is cartel breaking, and freeing mobile handsets from reliance on a limited number of closed operating systems. You can’t say the same for the browser, as we already have a lot of choice there.

Still, Chrome looks nice; it’s fast; Google claim that it should be more resilient to Javascript crashes and locking apps due to its multi-process architecture and virtualization. Let’s see Google can cut themselves a share of that market.