We have just launched a revamped version of the Dialogic Developer Resource Center. If you visit the landing page at http://www.dialogic.com/drc you will notice that there is now a new selector called Find a Dialogic API, which we hope will make it easier for developers to get to the relevant API information more quickly. You can select by API language (now including options for the *XML APIs: VoiceXML, MSCML etc), by application area (for example video, fax), and also by connectivity type (IP, SS7, TDM). With a much broader range of products and APIs than we had two years ago (and getting broader all the time) we realize that understanding our platform range is much harder for developers now, and we plan to keep improving the DRC in this area.

Each section of the new DRC contains specific API documentation, related board information and application notes. Application notes try to give the “big picture” of how solutions might work using our hardware and software, often 5 or 10 pages of information that aims to be readable to product managers as well as engineers. Smaller snippets of information, called Tech Notes, are also coming on stream in greater numbers now: These are short pieces (for example this one) that solve a particular problem, or explain something that was not well-explained or ambiguous in other documentation from Dialogic. Tech Notes are written by Dialogic engineers, and are often triggered by feedback from you, or from the experience of working with you to implement some application or configuration.

If you have an idea for a new application note that we haven’t covered yet, please feel free to drop us a line: as ever, if you click on my name in the blog or the forums, my email address is there and we’d be glad to get your feedback. Tell us if you love it; tell us if you hate it; help us to improve it for you.