This year saw the first eComm conference, held at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley (just a stone's throw away from the Google campus). The conference created a lot of excitement this year, and many people have told me what a great time they had at eComm, and what a fantastic calibre of speakers and delegates attended. There are a number of the sessions available on video on the eComm site, and I recommend that you take a look for yourself. One of the key ideas at eComm is to limit speakers to 15 minutes, and so pack in a wealth of material: eComm had over 70 speakers in 2008, and a lot of them are the royalty of the telecom and Web 2.0 industry. Like "TED" for the telephony World, perhaps?

eComm is organized by Lee Dryburgh, a Scot and a telecom guru himself, being author of the definitive book on SS7, Signaling System No. 7 (SS7/C7): Protocol, Architecture, and Services. I'm a big fan of Lee's work, and I'm glad to see that his eComm is becoming a definitive event of our industry.

The eComm 2009 date has been announced, and the venue is the San Francisco Airport Marriott. Speakers already include Alec Saunders of iotum, Benoit Schillings of Trolltech, Cullen Jennings of Cisco, Jonathan Christensen of Skype, JP Rangaswami of BT, and Thomas Howe of the Thomas Howe Company. Some of you might be seeing Tom Howe next week if you are attending the Dialogic One Event, as he is one of our special guest speakers. Do ask him what he thinks about eComm.

The call for speakers at eComm 2009 is open, so if you've something to say about telecom, then it's not too late to get your name down. Topics include:

* Convergence of the media industry with personal communications
* Theme "telecoms is becoming software"
* The new old - traditional carriers or vendors who are changing the game
* Mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) applications on any platform; any socio-centric devices or applications will be considered whether mobile or not
* Network Equipment Providers plans for next 1-3 years
* Facilitating business processes with voice
* 4G Technologies

Get your name down, and I hope to see you there myself.