3G services may be lagging behind in the USA, but efforts to get video to the handset still carry on apace.  Video rental giant Blockbuster have just announced a deal allowing Motorola handset users to view movies on their phones.  I'm not sure what technology they are using, as it seems to require a special application that comes pre-installed on the handset, but it is an interesting move. 

Blockbuster have changed their business substantially in recent years, moving from store-based DVD rental into a postal service (ordering DVDs online), and even a web-viewing portal, so for a smaller fee you can watch on demand on your PC screen.  It makes sense for them to also address the smaller screen that we all carry around in our pockets.

For myself, I think my eyesight is these days too poor for watching 2-hour movies on such a tiny screen, but I know this will find an audience in a much younger age group.  Convenience and personalization is what mobile technology is about.