PowerMedia XMS Rest Application Development

PowerMedia XMS Rest Application Development

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If you are a java developer and interested in kicking the tires on PowerMedia XMS's rest api, we have a a java library that was been developed to help streamline proof-of-concepts and trials.    Information on the java library is available at:


As some background, PowerMedia XMS has a Rest API (among support for other protocols too!).   The Rest API allows a programmer to issue commands or get notifications from PowerMedia XMS via HTTP methods.     This typically involves building up , for example, the RESTful command, and parse the information returned back from PowerMedia XMS.     This java library takes of packing and unpacking the http calls to the PowerMedia XMS server and the article provides a walk-through of downloading, installing and building your first "hello world" application.     

The PowerMedia XMS Rest API allows you control over media and signaling (SIP) and allows you, for example, to establish a  video conference..

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I am new to development using XMS RESTAPI's.

    The sample application does talk about call creation and hangup.

    Could you please let me know how to manage the call for action like (hold, resume etc), How do I update the call resource say (IMS side resource, when call is initiated by webRTC client)?

    Do I need to modify the SDP and give HTTP PUT call for call resource updation or Does XMS provides any XML based interface where I can change the media and direction attribute (i.e. sendonly/recvonly/inactive) and get the resulted SDP in HTTP PUT response.



  • Manoj,

  • Monoj, The REST interface doesn't have and explicit HOLD/Resume functionality at this time.  Typically the devices would just remain idle or stopped to represent this.  If you wanted to actually reinvite the SIP legs to modify to HOLD it could be done using the 3PCC mode and manually passing in a correctly formatted SDP using the update/PUT.    

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