There's less than 24 hours left before the WebRTCFest online submission closes and the judging commences. For those not familiar with WebRTCFest, it's being positioned as the first vendor-independent WebRTC coding fest and with a $4,000 first place prize it's bound to catch the attention of many developers. Dialogic is proud to be an API partner sponsor of this inaugural event and I'm personally very excited to see the various hacks as part of this year's contest. WebRTC has dramatically reduced the barrier of entry for developers in the communications space - what previously took months can now be accomplished in hours.

Dialogic's Jim Machi recently posted his 2015 Predictions where he anticipates WebRTC starting to see significant movement in the standardization process which will advance the technology thus allowing it to reach it's full potential. That said, lack of standardization has certainly not stopped many from already realizing it's extreme value and embracing the technology. A few of the known WebRTC adopters includes the likes of VonageAmerican ExpressAmazon, Snapchat and Talko (links reference each vendor's use of WebRTC). Couple these early adopters with the recent pledge by Microsoft to bring WebRTC to Internet Explorer, as well as, Cisco's Project Squared, and the technology hype will continue to be validated. 

So to tie this all together, while hackathons are a great medium for networking and flexing your coding muscles, they are also a great way to bring attention to a technology like WebRTC that has unlimited potential with a low barrier to entry for any developer.