"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

-Winston Churchill

Today we will continue to take a look at the new features in the PowerMedia™ XMS Release 2.4. 

If you missed Part 1 you can click - Here

This video will talk about these features

  • Sip Preconditions Support
  • SIP DNS Support
  • SDES SRTP Support
  • VXML Video Support

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/9IU5wVvXAew 

The latest version of the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS software can always be found at this link


The Installation and configuration guide can be found at


The full XMS Documentation Bookshelf can be found at


Additional Links referenced in the video:

Sip Precondition Support

 Sip DNS Support


Video VXML Support


I invite you to comment below with your thoughts on "What are your thoughts on the new features included in Release 2.4?”