Q: What do dementia, conferencing, anonymization, and contact centers have in common?

A: TADHack… of course – this past week the Dialogic team hosted the London site for the rapid growing, grassroots initiative known as TADHack.

TADHack is for the people, by the people, attempting to take back telecom from the clutches of corporate marketing by creating, pure creating.

The TADHack mantra is Learn, Share, Code, Create!

And that is exactly what we did this past weekend. There were four great hacks created on the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS platform, starting with the global winner by Eoghan Ó hUallacháin with his WebRTC contact center complete with call queuing and context exchanging.

Next was a submission by Phaninder Pasupula with his SmlessConf hack that integrated PowerMedia XMS conferencing with a Matrix chat room – not bad for someone that did not know what WebRTC was at the beginning of the weekend.

Then there was Leslie Drewery with his MemChat hack for aiding individuals suffering from dementia. His hack would multiplex videos into a 1-1 WebRTC conversation – the videos would be from a time where the dementia patient best remembers the caller.

Last by not least was a submission from Roderick Hodgson with his source protector hack that would anonymize a person's voice for journalistic sources.  The hack used a voice manipulation script (also created by Roderick over the weekend) that masked the callers voice so that the receiver could not identify the voice. 

We were happy spend the weekend in London, for a great event and in the end award each of these fine hacks with part of the Dialogic TADHack prize money. We are looking forward to the next TADHack in Chicago!



TADHack 2015 Global by the numbers:

1400 registrations

15 locations - Bangladesh, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Colombo, Dublin, Israel, Istanbul, Jaffna, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, New Delhi, Raleigh, and the comfort of your own home.

800+ attendees

90+ hacks