With applications from Dialogic's partners, Dialogic products enable businesses to implement contact center technologies with TDM, hybrid TDM-IP and full IP components. As the demand for contact center solutions accelerates in global markets, Dialogic can offer TDM and IP technologies to enable media rich applications to be created and deployed rapidly, and in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Enhancing Customer Service with IP

In order to remain competitive, companies are looking to step up their level of customer service, keeping customers happy and loyal. Contact centers have increasingly become the main focal point for customer interactions. By using the power of the Internet, customers can send and receive email, participate in video conferences, and chat online with agents. As the transition from TDM to IP solutions continues, Dialogic can enable developers to offer solutions for unified contact center communications for both telephone and Internet users

Outsourcing as an Option

In striving to provide excellence in serving their customers, businesses often turn to outsourcing as a means of reducing investment levels while meeting their quality of service needs. Regardless of whether the business model for outsourcing is one of complete outsourcing, a hosted approach, or a blended model, Dialogic can help service providers recognize new opportunities and expand their offerings.

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