Concept Overview: Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) has arrived as the next big concept in the evolution of enterprise communications. At its simplest incarnation, the concept of Unified Communications seeks to breakdown the silos and redundant elements that can hinder productivity and increase user frustration across the varied tools used for communications and collaboration in the enterprise.

Considering the many communication tools currently in use, bringing them all together is no simple task, and may require significant infrastructure overhaul. Yet there are many incremental UC solutions that address specific issues to increase the productivity of a core group, reduce communication and collaboration costs, or eliminate organizational pain points. An incremental solution strategy can deliver high value without the expense and disruption of a PBX replacement.

Unified Communications Solution Providers

Unified Communications solution providers have emerged from many segments of the enterprise communication market, and they are leveraging their core technologies, channels and customer bases to enter this market space. Each brings valuable communication tools to leverage as they broaden their offerings and enter this market. The enterprise communications market is vast and global, with diversified needs across industries and organizational types, there is room for many players and a range of new solutions.

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