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Diva Server for Windows x64 - Version 8.3 (English)


Build: 107-60
Created: Thu Mar 29 16:48:19 GMT 2007
Uploaded: Fri Mar 30 11:16:52 GMT 2007
Status: final
Access: free



Diva Server for Windows - Version 8.3 is a new release, which includes support of new Diva adapters, additional features, enhancements of existing features as well as fixes of known bugs.

Diva Server for Windows 2000/XP/2003 allows up to 8 Diva adapters to be installed on a computer running the Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating system. It supports RAS & RRAS (client and server mode), modem, fax, unified messaging, voice, speech and conferencing applications as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over IP (FoIP).

The new features in version 8.3 are:

  • Support of new Diva Adapters

    • Diva Analog 2P Adapter (standard and Low Profile)
    • Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI PCIe Adapter
    • Diva PRI/T1-24 PCIe Adapter
    • Diva PRI/E1-30 PCIe Adapter

  • VoIP

    • Support of SIPcontrol, which is the new Diva VoIP Gateway Software Module
    • Enhancement of the T.38 (Fax over IP) protocol

  • Diagnostics

    • Enhancements of the Diva Line Test Tool including a HW-Test option
    • Improved support of Event Log Messages enables support of Microsoft Operations Manager

  • Protocol

    • Call Rate Limiter (calls/second) to prevent an application from overloading a PBX or switch
    • Support of different numbers of digits in an incoming call (e.g. -0 for operator and -NNNN for extensions)
    • Enhancements for call transfer, e.g. Call Rerouting and Call Deflection
    • Explicit Call Transfer (ECT) - Link Balance
    • Additional E1/R2 protocol variants for Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico

  • Configuration

    • Enhancement of the GUI based configuration tool to support all new features and Diva adapters

To find out more, please go to Diva Server for Windows 2000/XP/2003

NOTE: Diva Server for Windows 8.3 is still showing the former "Eicon" and "Diva Server" brand names. The next release of Diva for Windows will contain the new "Dialogic" and "Diva" names.


This is a released Product.


This software is available free of charge. You may download it and use it with any appropriate Eicon ISDN hardware which you legally acquired.

Note though that it is not public domain. Therefore, you must not redistribute, modify or reverse engineer it or use it otherwise than intended with Eicon ISDN hardware.


This software comes in packages. Each one is a self-extracting, sealed ARJ archive. You can install the software from your hard disk after extraction.

To download, proceed as follows:

1. Select an empty directory on a volume with sufficient disk space.
2. Download either the complete product or choose an individual package:

Complete product:
Select the appropriate download from the following list:

Individual packages:
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3. Extract the archive(s) you downloaded.
4. Look for the README file(s) and proceed as explained there.

If you have problems:

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