Job Title : Applications Engineer

Job Type : Full-Time

Location : Parsippany, NJ

Responsibilities :

  • Interact directly with customers and the Dialogic extended sales force responding to technical information requests, design guidance inquiries & problem reports related to the Dialogic hardware and software platforms or generically associated with voice and telecommunications systems. 

  • Facilitate and/or drive issue resolution through technical leadership and organization relationships. 

  • Provide assistance to customers in the proper design, programming & installation of Dialogic hardware & software platforms. 

  • Record & document customer communications via the issue tracking systems and product defect tracking systems, documenting customer requirements and inquiries. 

  • Develop tools, documentation (checklists, frequently asked questions, technical notes, whitepapers, etc.), reference systems, sample & demo code and solution collateral to speed job functions and aid in knowledge transfer throughout Dialogic and to direct and indirect customers. 

  • Occasionally be responsible for developing and presenting training materials on the development of applications using Dialogic hardware and software products. 

  • These training classes will be targeted at both internal personnel and Dialogic customers. 

  • When necessary to reproduce a customer problem, expend significant effort to configure the necessary Dialogic and PC hardware and software to duplicate the customer environment. 

  • As required, this will include writing test and diagnostic application software using Dialogic’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and related software technologies. 

  • In the event a defect in a Dialogic product is found, be responsible for documenting the defect to Engineering, communicating the problem priority to the necessary levels of management, and wherever possible, providing the Dialogic customer with a work around to the reported problem. 

  • Regularly and frequently be responsible for the review of technical documentation and release notes for technical accuracy and ease of use pertaining to new releases of Dialogic’s hardware and software products. 

  • Responsible for the execution of job responsibilities to relevant metrics and commitments.  Learn and understand emerging technologies and their impacts to integrated solutions based upon Dialogic products.

Requirement :

  • Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications or related field

  • 1 year of relevant technical experience

  • Web Services knowledge with at least one common HTTP web service protocol, examples include XML-RPC or RESTful web services

  • Knowledge of client/server architectures

  • Knowledge of developing a basic application and programming using at least one of the following: C, C#, Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, PHP or JavaScript

  • Understanding of computer networking, including concepts surrounding internet protocols, SIP and VoIP

  • Ability to troubleshoot web based technologies such as HTML, AJAX or scripting languages, etc.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Position also requires the holder to carry a mobile phone to provide rotational cover during out-of-office hours

Qualified candidates, please send resumes to: HR Manager, Dialogic Inc. at

Reference Job #4416

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