Job Title : Maintenance Services Engineer - Tier3

Job Type : Full-Time

Location : San Jose

Responsibilities :


  • Provide the next level of support to the U.S. and internationally based Tier2 support teams, as well as to the deployment teams globally, from the San Jose center of excellence. 

  • Responsible for troubleshooting, simulations, demos, new releases and features reviews, and knowledge sharing for the Dialogic ControlSwitch and Bordernet4000 products. 

  • Provide highest levels of support, debugging and troubleshooting to the global MTC Tier2 teams to meet and exceed targeted customer satisfaction scores that position Dialogic as a best in class switching and SBC provider. 

  • Provide highest levels of support to the deployment teams in trials, deployments and other field activities. 

  • Support all Dialogic ControlSwitch and Bordernet4000 releases and features. 

  • Interface with Sustaining, Engineering and PLM for all customers’ deliverables, including SW defects, enhancements and new features. 

  • Perform lab simulations and interoperability testing. 

  • Deliver advanced training and share knowledge globally. 

  • Work around the clock and under pressure

Requirement :


  • Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics or related field

  • 4 years of experience with the Dialogic ControlSwitch

  • 2 years (of the required 4 years of total experience) must be with the Dialogic Bordernet4000

  • The position also requires:

    • experience with 3rd party technology vendors as well as service provider customers;

    • strong capabilities in debugging and troubleshooting of the Dialogic C4-ControlSwitch and Bordernet4000, as well as knowledge with signaling protocols and deep knowledge of standards: SS7/PRI/SDN/CAS, and with VoIP protocols and deep knowledge of standards: SIP/H323/MGCP/IUA/MEGACO;

    • highly experienced with TDM interfaces: E1/T1/STM1/DS3 and the use of signaling and VoIP analyzers: INET/Spectra2/Wireshark/sipp/openphone;

    • knowledge and expertise with: Oracle HW: T2K/x4270/x3-2/S25xx; Solaris/UNIX/Linux; HP Servers (DL360/DL380); IP networking (L2/L3, Switches, Routers, etc.); SQL/Oracle DB

    • strong customer relations skills

Qualified candidates, please send resumes to: HR Manager, Dialogic Inc. at

Reference Job #1428