Conflict Minerals Policy

Dialogic Inc. is a leading provider of innovative products to enhance the performance of global telecom-networks and is committed to applying our corporate values to our business and promoting the well-being of people and the environment.


Among the materials used in Dialogic® products are the metals Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold (TTT&G), which play vital roles in the cutting edge telecommunications equipment that is sold by Dialogic and other high tech companies. In keeping with our values, Dialogic fully supports efforts that are being taken to eliminate so-called “Conflict Minerals,” which consist of TTT&G metals that emanate from mines that are controlled by militia groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and certain surrounding countries who use the proceeds from the Conflict Minerals to fund military conflict, human rights violations, and environmental destruction.  Among the efforts supported by Dialogic are the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and rules adopted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in August 2012 for implementation to cover US publicly traded companies such as Dialogic beginning in May 2014.


Dialogic is several layers removed from mining, smelting and processing any TTT&G metals that are used in our products.  Nevertheless, in order to comply with applicable SEC rules and, just as importantly, to adhere to our company values, Dialogic has already begun to embark upon the process of working with our suppliers to ensure that no Conflict Minerals ultimately will be used in our products.


For more details and updates, please see our Conflict Minerals Policy, which we expect to update regularly to show the progress Dialogic is making toward this very important goal.

In compliance with the SEC requirements, Dialogic submitted the SEC Conflict Minerals SD Form for the calendar year 2013 on June 2, 2013. A copy of the SD Form is available at this link.