Mobile virtual network operators are looking for ways to get more control over the services they deliver to customers and differentiate their offerings from their competitors and from their underlying mobile network providers. The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller (HSC) is a next generation Diameter signaling controller that combines Diameter security, multiprotocol interworking and routing in a single platform. It can help MVNOs, MVNEs, and MVNAs to break free of the technical limitations imposed by their underlying MNOs with the ability to:


  • Solve Diameter incompatibility issues between network equipment vendors
  • Interwork Diameter with non-Diameter based signaling such as RADIUS and SS7/MAP to support authentication, roaming and charging initiatives
  • Seamlessly extend customer coverage more cost effectively through interconnection with Wi-Fi networks


With multiple networks deploying diverse network infrastructure, incompatibility issues are likely to arise - even in the presence of standards.  HSC provides not only security and routing, but also interworking and enhancement of multiple protocols in use today by 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. This allows mobile virtual network operators to take more control of their network and address incompatibility issues without relying on costly and time consuming vendor development.  The result - faster time to revenue and increased service innovation in today's highly competitive mobile markets.


 Diameter, MAP and RADIUS interworking and mediation platform for MVNOs
The Dialogic® Helix™ Signaling Controller provides Diameter, RADIUS and MAP interworking and mediation to get services up and running fast.







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