Session Border Controllers

BorderNet SBC

"Single-Software" SBC for any Deployment Model

Investment protection with easy software transition from one model to another:


HP DL360 / HP DL380


BorderNet 4000 SBC




BorderNet Virtualized SBC

Deployment Flexibility and Simplicity

  • Common software across all deployment options
  • Carrier-grade, high-scale performance
  • Light-weight software footprint
  • VMware, KVM, Amazon EC2

High Performance and Scale

  • Scales from 25 to 100,000 sessions per instance
  • High performance to 1,000 sessions per second
  • High-Availability or Standalone configuration
  • 1Gb & 10Gb interfaces

Flexible Peering and Access

  • 256K subscribers at 1,600 registrations/sec
  • Access applications in mobile, fixed NGN and IMS/VoLTE networks
  • Unified Communications, hosted PBX, business and consumer VoIP applications

Advanced Virtualized Media Handling

  • Efficient integrated software-based transcoding
  • High performance DSP-based transcoding
  • Extensive CODEC support
  • Leveraging 30 years in-house media expertise




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