Signaling Servers and Gateways

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) Signaling Servers enable affordable, high-performance, distributed signaling applications in carrier networks worldwide. 

The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit (DSI SIU) provides signaling connectivity for high value applications such as Pre-Paid or Messaging.  The DSI SIU can also be configured as a high performance Signaling Gateway or SCCP Router.

The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) combines a web services interface with GSM MAP signaling connectivity for SMS Messaging, USSD and Location Based Services.

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Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services Platform

Dialogic DSI Signaling Web Services Based on Dialogic DSI SS7G41 Signaling Servers

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) is a scalable, high performance, telecommunications signaling platform combining connectivity to SS7 / SIGTRAN based mobile networks with a focused Web Services API to simplify mobile VAS application development.

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services Platform

DSI Signaling Interface Unit based on Dialogic SS7G41 Signaling Server

The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit (DSI SIU) based on the DSI SS7G4x Signaling Servers are suitable for solutions in which a high throughput of signaling traffic is required. These servers offload signaling processing from the application servers, provide TDM and IP interfaces, and run a wide range of signaling protocols, including local variants, enabling worldwide deployment in a variety of applications.