APEX Communications is a global provider of multi-service Applications Servers, Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and Service-Ready Solutions to mobile and fixed line Network Operators, Telephone Equipment Manufacturers (TEM), Value Added Service Providers, Contact Centers, Enterprises, and Value Added Resellers (VAR) for network, (self-service) customer care, and value-added services using voice, video, messaging (SMS, USSD), and Social Media.  Since 1989, our products have enabled our customers to generate revenue, minimize churn, reduce OPEX, improve customer care, and ensure scalability and flexibility, as market demands grow and user needs change.  Our products are engineered to be network independent, making them ideal next-generation platforms for 3G/4G (LTE) Mobile, SIP/IMS, TDM/SS7, AIN/IN, and converged networks.

APEX Conferencing System (ACS) – Audio/Video (WebRTC and Hi-Def)

The APEX Conferencing System, based on the industry leading APEX SDP and the OmniVox3D Application Server, is a complete audio and video (WebRTC and Hi-Def) conferencing platform that seamlessly integrates with existing IP, TDM, Mobile, and converged networks, delivers superior quality, and eliminates the need for costly operator administration.

With APEX Video Conferencing, two or more users with video-enabled devices (i.e. mobile handsets, SIP phones, PCs with softphones) can now participate in a real-time video conference, adding a new personalized dimension to the call that was not available before. Service Providers are now able to offer these services to the masses.

How It Works

ACS offers a comprehensive set of features for Voice or Video Conferencing (CIF, VGA, and 720p multiple screen sizes and layouts, etc.). Service Providers reselling conferencing services can easily brand the web interface of ACS to build solid customer loyalty. ACS' web based reservation system is simple to use. Once reservations are made, notification of conferences can be sent via email, telephone call or SMS. File attachments are easily added to email notification. Conferences can be configured to have controlled call in times, controlled end times, roll call, whisper messages and listen only participants. Conferences can also be recorded for future playback.

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