CreaLog is the leading vendor of speech dialog systems, Media platforms and Next Generation Contact Center Solutions across 30 countries in Europe and Africa. Fully web-administrative, the CreaLog Voice XML Platform is on stream with a total of 60,000 installed lines at more than 400 customers from over 30 branches of industry.

CreaVoice® Voice Portals and Media Platforms are powerful conversational dialog systems that connect the world of telephony with that of data processing. They work just like agents in a call center, offering voice self services: They take calls and respond to the wishes of their customers. The system accesses databases and thus exchanges data with the caller.

  • Reduce staffing expense and increase agent productivity by automating routine requests
  • Increase overall capacity without increasing costs or personnel by offering additional in-queue service options
  • Provide customers with real-time access to information and services 24x7x365 through automation
  • Build customer loyalty by giving repeat customers fast access to the information they need on a regular basis
  • Integrated natural language recognition and text-to-speech
  • Modular, expandable design
  • Open interfaces, manufacturer independent

A Voice Portal identifies the calling line number and analyzes and evaluates the called line number. It also protocols whether a call was rerouted and by whom, and can respond accordingly. Sound  files are played, messages recorded, and faxes, SMS and e-mails sent and received.

Using speech recognition, CreaVoice® Voice Portals understand individual commands, whole sentences, names, numbers and number sequences. Using text-to-speech, they read out text files to the caller, be it e-mail, web pages or any other kind of information.


Case Study
Case Study