Kirusa is one of the leading global developers of Mobile Social Media and Value Added Services; enabling mobile subscribers to ‘reach out’ to their family and friends. Kirusa’s solutions include the hugely successful Kirusa Voice SMS service, the world’s most advanced “Voice SMS” solution that has been selected by more than thirty carriers around the world. Kirusa Voice SMS enables mobile subscribers to send messages by speaking. Used by mobile subscribers millions of times daily, Kirusa solutions are built on its patented and patent pending technology and its highly reliable and scalable open multimodal platform.

Voice SMS 2.0 enables mobile subscribers to send messages by speaking easily and quickly. It works on all handsets and all networks, and is used by more than 30 carriers worldwide. Proven successful in deployments in India, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, Voice SMS 2.0 from Kirusa generates 1-4% ARPU uplift for carriers.

  • Only Voice SMS solution that is proven to generate ARPU uplift of 1-4%.
  • Unique product invented by Kirusa!
  • Provides interconnectivity between operators in the same country and internationally
  • Multimodal delivery ensures high retrieval rates
  • Patented Kirusa Direct Listen ™ technology for quick access to messages
  • Integrates with Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Support for Mobile infotainment and enterprise services

How It Works

The user can dial * followed by the recipient’s number and speak a short message. The Recipient then receives an SMS notification from the sender and can dial a number in the notification to directly access the spoken message.

Product Demo