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Dialogic® Brooktrout® TR1034 Fax Boards

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Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax over IP
Using Microsoft Fax with Brooktrout Fax (product page; includes downloads)

Before you start
EuroISDN BRI service parameters
E1 PRI service parameters
Slot types supported by Brooktrout boards
Physical dimensions of Fax Boards
PBX Set Up for T1 Robbed-Bit Service
Ordering T1-PRI (Primary Rate ISDN) Service
Ordering T1/RBS Service
Ordering DID Telephone Service
Software and drivers
Gen 2 PCIe Slots
Fax Service Provider

Brooktrout boards - Find the Serial Number and Part Number
How to test DID channels on the TR1034 DID/Combo Board
Using the Feature tool to download a TEC update license
TR1034 DID/Combo Board doesn't work with cables from TR114 board
Driver error when installing on Windows 7
Driver Unable to Communicate with PCI Express Boards in Dell PowerEdge T110x and R210x
Uninstalling the Boston Host Service from a command prompt
Which DSP firmware file do the Brooktrout low profile analog fax boards use?
Pre-packaged Boston driver for different Linux kernel versions

Hairpinning on Cisco gateways
Digital TR1034 connecting to a Cisco router
Direct In-Bound Fax Routing Utilizing DTMF Tones
Where is the Brooktrout configuration stored?
Unsuccessful calls using a TR1034 PRI E1 board
Overriding H.323 Numbering Type and Numbering Plan on SR140 and TR1034 IP
Where does Configtool get its initial values before settings.cfg is created?
SR140 - DMG Series Configuration "Best Practices"

TR1034 can't dial out on T1 E&M line, can receive
Duplicate faxes sent
TR1034 PCIe T1/E1 - Non-Volatile RAM Not Being Read
Playing an audible beep prior to recording on the SR140
Common reasons for Boston Host Service not to start

Error Messages
'Virtual module - Not available' error
Issue with SIP Error 500 and redundant RTP
Error: ConfigTool cannot proceed with the hardware configuration
Error: No Response to 3 MPS or No Response to 3 EOP
Boston.sys cause BSOD when Windows shutdown
Short black TIFF is generated on Microsoft Fax Service Provider 6.x
When Initializing a Fax Channel In An Application, a Connected State Error is Received
"Output stream is bad" error with configtool
Information on some error codes in mill_api.h

Server reboots on system shutdown
Under Linux, Brooktrout utilities take 10 seconds to return when user not logged in as root
Fractional TR1034 T1/E1 - Can Send but not Receive Faxes
No answer on Analog Inbound call
Microsoft Fax Service prints blank pages
I have a red T1/E1 Status LED on my TR1034. How do I test with a loop back plug?
How to download and use the Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Diagnostic Tool for Windows
Brooktrout Fax Board LEDs - what do they mean?

Enabling debug on Brooktrout products
TR1034/RoHS Trufax Utilities
For IP: Capturing Wireshark Traces
Brooktrout Logs - Which logs are required under which circumstances?
Brooktrout Call Control tracing
For ISDN: Brooktrout ISDN tracing (VTTY tracer)

Brooktrout Fax API: how to handle an error from a Bfv function.
Receiving fax pages into individual TIFF files using the Brooktrout Bfv API
Detecting DTMF digits before receiving a fax
Shrunken or stretched fax images
PAGE_RES parameters sig_level, line_noise, and sig_quality
How to set the Outbound Caller ID in the Brooktrout API
Handling received fax pages that are stored as Zero RowsPerStrip
Providing real-time fax page send status in Brooktrout applications
Calling BfvHistoryDumpModChan results in a Windows exception error
Silence / Dead air when using Robbed-Bit T1 line and TR1034
Parse errors from BfvRcvProcessPkt when used with BfvBoardNotify
Continuing on to receive more pages into a TIFF file when one pages receives 0 scanlines
How to use BfvLineAlert to stop a Brooktrout channel when the application attaches to channels using BfvSessionAttach