DNS Server

The 2020 IMG can be configured to execute DNS lookups and queries to multiple Domain Name System (DNS) Servers. To accomplish this, the 2020 IMG must know about all the individual DNS Servers that are in a specific domain. Use this object to notify the 2020 IMG which servers to communicate with for DNS related functionality. Information such as the DNS Servers name and IP address is entered into this object. To create the DNS Server object, right click on the DNS Servers and select New DNS Server.


ClientView Pane

IMG Name > External Network Elements > DNS Servers > DNS Server



Maximum Objects

Up to three individual DNS Server objects can be created under one DNS Servers object. However, this is a shared resource with ENUM Server Sets. The max for both objects total is 15.

Note: Each DNS Client will allow only three DNS Servers to be configured. (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Related Topics and Dependencies

Once the DNS Servers and DNS Server objects have been configured, the 2020 IMG must be configured as a client to the DNS servers created. To configure the 2020 IMG as a DNS Client see DNS Client link.

DNS Servers

DNS Client

Configure DNS


Field Descriptions

DNS Server Id

The DNS Server Id field is automatically populated with the next available ID. The ID's range from ID:1 to ID:15 and share ID's with the  ENUM Server object. To manually change the ID, click in the DNS Server ID field and a drop down menu with all available ID's will be  displayed.


DNS Server Name

Click in the DNS Server Name field and enter a name that uniquely specifies this DNS Server. The Default name given is DNS_Server1, DNS_Server2, DNS_Server3, etc.


DNS Server IP Address

Enter the IP address of the individual DNS Server that is being configured to communicate with the 2020 IMG. To enter IP address, click in the DNS Server IP Address field and enter the IP address. To move from one field to the other either use the decimal point or Tab key on keyboard.