DNS Servers

The 2020 IMG can be configured to communicate with multiple individual Domain Name System Servers within a specific domain to initiate DNS queries, lookups, etc. To do this, the 2020 IMG needs to know the name of the domain that the DNS servers will be located, and which type of queries will be initiated to these DNS servers. This information is configured in the parent object of the DNS Server object which is labeled DNS Servers. The DNS Servers object is created under the External Network Elements object and is a container object for multiple servers employing the DNS capabilities to be configured under it. The DNS Servers object must be created before configuring each individual DNS Server.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > External Network Elements > DNS Servers



Maximum Objects

One DNS Servers object per External Network Elements object


Related Topics and Dependencies

Once the DNS Servers and DNS Server objects have been configured, the 2020 IMG must be configured as a client to the DNS servers created. To configure the 2020 IMG as a DNS Client see DNS Client link.

DNS Server

Configure DNS

DNS Query using SRV Records


Field Descriptions

Domain Name

Click in the Domain Name field and enter the Domain Name of the network that the DNS Servers will be part of. The Domain Name entered here will be appended to the Host Name for DNS lookups. Ex: dialogic.com.


DNS Query Type

When 2020 IMG executes a DNS lookup the format of the records sent to the DNS Server can be either A-Records, SRV Records, or both. Select from drop down menu which type of records will be sent to the DNS Server.

Mixed (Default) - The 2020 IMG will send both SRV record and A-Record on queries to the DNS server.

A-Query - Only A-Records will be sent to the DNS server and all messages having SRV records will fail with a cause code of 480 Temporarily Unavailable.

SRV Query - Only SRV Records will be sent to the DNS server. If a record in A-Record format is received the 2020 IMG will transform it into an SRV record and send query with SRV Record format.