ENUM Server Set

The 2020 IMG supports ENUM E2U+sip (E.164 to URI) to resolve an ENUM telephone number into a SIP URI. The 2020 IMG gives a user the ability to create up to four ENUM Server Set objects. Each Server Set can communicate with up to three ENUM Servers giving the 2020 IMG the ability to communicate with up to twelve ENUM servers. To create the ENUM Server Set, right click on the External Network Elements and select New ENUM Server Set. Once the ENUM Server Set is created then the individual ENUM Servers can be created. See information below on configuring this object


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > External Network Elements > ENUM Server Set



Maximum Objects

Up to four individual ENUM Servers can be created under each ENUM Server Set.


Related Topics and Dependencies

Before creating the ENUM Server Set object, a SIP Signaling Gateway Profile (SGP) must first be configured. The SIP Signaling Gateway Profile will be the profile used when sending and receiving messaging to the ENUM Servers configured under the ENUM Server Set object. After configuring the ENUM Server Set, each individual ENUM Server can be configured under it. The ENUM Server Set can then be added to the IP Network Element of a SIP Channel Group.

SIP ENUM Support

ENUM Server

IP Network Element


Field Descriptions


Click in the name field and enter a unique name that identifies the ENUM Server Set being configured. The name entered will appear in the IP Network Element drop down menu.


Domain Name

Enter the name of the domain the ENUM Server Set will reside on. Click in the Domain Name field and enter the domain name.


SIP Profile

Any SIP Signaling Gateway Profiles configured will appear in the SIP Profile drop down list. If there are no SIP profiles configured then a Default Profile will be displayed and used.


ENUM Server Set ID

A unique ID assigned to the server set being configured. This ID is assigned to the Server Set and cannot be modified. Values range from 1-4


ENUM Server Port

The ENUM Servers configured under the ENUM Server Set will all use this port number. A drop down list will display a range from 1 to 65535. All ENUM Servers configured beneath this ENUM Server Set will use the same port number. Once an ENUM Server is configured under an ENUM Server Set the port number configured cannot be changed. In order to change the port number in the ENUM Server Set pane the user must delete all ENUM Server children created under the ENUM Server Set. Port 53 is selected as a default value and generally will not need to be changed