GCL Services


The GCL Services object is created under the Logical Node Group. It identifies the services that can be enabled on a logical 2020 IMG basis. Once the GCL Services object is created, the SIP-TCAP Interworking object can be created under it. By creating the SIP-TCAP Interworking object the 2020 IMG now has the ability to pass the SIP message to the SS7 stack which is configured with TCAP/SCCP. From here the message will be sent to a channel group configured to pass TCAP messaging.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > Logical IMG > IMG Name > GCL Services



Maximum Objects

(1) GCL Services object per Logical IMG.

(16) GCL Services objects per GCEMS


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Subsystem Number

Message Waiting Indicator - SIP to SS7


Field Descriptions:


Under this object, Individual services controlled by Gateway Control Layer are created.