IP Network Element

A SIP Channel group needs to communicate with remotely located IP devices such as gateways, ENUM servers, or even other interfaces located on the rear of the 2020 IMG. The IP Network Element Pane is created under each separate channel group and it is configured so the channel group within the 2020 IMG knows where to send the call. To create the IP Network Element object, right click on the Channel Group object and select New IP Network Element. Within the IP Network Element pane will be a drop down list displaying all gateways, ENUM servers, and 2020 IMG's configured. Select which IP Network Element that channel group will communicate with. An IP Network element can be:


ClientView Pane

Dialogic BDN > Routing Configuration > Channel Groups > Channel Group (sip) > IP Network Element



Maximum Objects

One IP Network Element object can be created per Channel Group


Related Topics and Dependencies

To configure an IP Network Element other objects must first be configured. First a VoIP Resource must be created and configured with an IP address. An IP Network and then IP Address object must then be created. An IP Bearer Profile must be configured to be able to communicate over IP. A SIP SGP Profile and then an external gateway must be configured for 2020 IMG to communicate with. Finally a SIP channel group must be configured. Once the SIP Channel group is configured then the IP Network element can be created under it.

VoIP Resource

IP Profile

IP Network

IP Address


External Gateway

Channel Group


Field Descriptions

IP Network Element

Within this field is a drop-down list of the configured 2020 IMG’s, external gateways, and ENUM servers. Select which Network Element will communicate with the Channel group being configured.