ISDN Group

The ISDN Group establishes within an ISDN Channel Group a D Channel that will control a group of b channels or ISDN Circuits configured under it. The ISDN Group also configures the local and network attributes of the b channels that will be controlled by the D Channel selected.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > Routing Configuration  > Channel Groups  > Channel Group > ISDN Group



Related Topics and Dependencies

To create the ISDN Group object, an ISDN D Channel must first be created. The ISDN D Channels created can be chosen from the drop down menu of the ISDN D Channel field displayed above. Once the ISDN Group has been configured, the ISDN Circuits or B Channels can be created under it.

ISDN D Channel

ISDN Circuits


Maximum Objects

T1 - 32/ E1 - 24 per Channel Group


Field Descriptions

ISDN D-channel

Select from drop down menu the D-Channel that will provide signaling for this ISDN Group. All D-Channels configured on 2020 IMG will be displayed in the drop down menu.


Network Type

Select from drop down menu a list of all regional carriers supported.


Bearer Capabilities Allowed

The Bearer Capabilities Allowed field is used by the calling party to specify the kind of B-Channel that is being requested. Click in this field and a Select Multiple Items box appears. Press CTRL to select multiple capabilities. The drop down menu selections include:


Discard Privacy Info

The option selected will be removed from the outgoing SETUP message. Below displays the selections in the drop down menu. See Configuring SIP Privacy.