Each TDM Span, IP Port, or IP Gateway have specific characteristics that need to be configured into them to be able to function within each separate network. This is accomplished by configuring a separate profile for each group of TDM Spans, each group of VoIP ports, and each External SIP Gateway and then associating them with a TDM Span, IP Port, or SIP Gateway. The Profiles object is a parent or container object for multiple TDM/VoIP/GW profiles that will be used in their respective spans/ports. To create the Profiles object right click on the Dialogic BDN object at the top of the Web GUI configuration tree and select New Profiles.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > Profiles



Maximum Objects

One Profiles object per Dialogic BDN object


Related Topics and Dependencies

The profile being created under the Profiles object will eventually be associated with a TDM Span, VoIP Port, or SIP Gateway. This is accomplished by configuring/selecting one of the profiles from a drop down menu within an object being created. For example, the SIP SGP objects created can be selected from drop down menu in the SIP Signaling object or the IP Bearer Profile can be selected from drop down menu in the SIP Channel Group object.


Field Descriptions

No configurable fields


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